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Batch freezer 35 to 90 litres, discontinous automatic cycle, (drum flood system). Horizontal cylinder. Multifunction 60 to 120 litres, with "Bain Marie". Multifunctional pastry machine to pasturize, to make custard cream etc. Ageing vat
60 to120 litres, lets the ice cream base rest before freezing, which makes it creamier.
2 in 1 Pasturizer
/Batch freezer
Ideal for shops for whom ice cream is a secondary activity
60 to 120 litres, with electrical "Bain Marie" and
emulsifying cycle.
Slush machine
1 to 3 12 litre tubs. With "Fast Freeze" option.
Whipped cream machine
2 to 5 litres. With patented pump that produces a fluffy and smooth whipped cream.
SOFT machines
Counter top or floor model, with 1 to 2 flavours + mix. With or without volume increasing air pump.